(NYC) Reviewed: Industry Kitchen

By The Lunch Belle July 24, 2015 PDF Article Original Article Press

Restaurant: Industry Kitchen

Cuisine: Modern American
Location: 70 South Street, New York, NY 10038
Pricing: All menu items under $30
What’s delicious: Cocktails
Perfect for: After-hours drinks, corporate events, scenic dining/waterfront views

The entertainment-packed grand opening of Industry Kitchen, South Street Seaport’s newest waterfront restaurant + bar, proved a feast for the eyes. Albeit a mixed bag for the palate…

Veering away from the restaurant’s daily menu, this special evening called for a festive assortment of passed hors d’oeuvres. From sweet and savory – spicy and smoky – tangy and tart, every realm of the senses was provoked.

An early stand out was the Spanish Artichoke Dip, which was gifted with just the right amount of texture, seasoning, and tang to compliment the delicious artisanal flatbread.

Another favorite of mine and Alyson’s (my guest) was the marinated rock shrimp with creamy polenta.

The brilliant marriage of savory and sweet was found in the stone fruit topped with salty ham ribbons and burrata. However, it was the roasted tomatoes crowned with herbed goat cheese that stole our hearts.

Having fantasized about the restaurant’s house-made pie since I had initially read the menu, the evening was without pizza due to an issue with the wood-burning oven. We were so bummed!

Just as we were noshing on our third second helpings of hors d’oeuvres, the entertainment began! With the sun setting on the horizon, an incredibly-talented fire performer utilized South Street Seaport – the restaurant’s virtual “back yard” – as her personal stage. Did I mention that there was also a juggler on stilts and a live DJ?

The staff at Industry Kitchen was just as amazing as the delicious nibbles! After initially being served by multiple waiters and passed trays, we became friendly with Matt and Pat, a dynamic duo who ended up serving us exclusively for the remainder of the eve. Informative, accommodating, and personable, the mission of these stand-out employees was to make sure that we sampled the bar’s full range (yes, I said full range) of cocktails!

Cocktail report card: Finding a drink that I enjoyed was on par with Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Some were too weak and lacking, others were convoluted and missed the mark, yet a few were just right…


Grey Goose Vodka, Pomegranate, Lemon, Clover Honey Cordial

Report card grade: (B) A great, lighter summer option that I can picture myself enjoying while jamming to the hit single by Tommy James & The Shondells…


Avua Cachaca, El Bujo Mezcal, Aveze, Fresh Lemon Juice

Report card grade: (D) The only reason this cocktail didn’t get an F is because of the effort that was put in to it. The earthiness of the mescal is completely convoluted by an ever-present Avèze. Unfortunately, the minor tones of the lime juice and Cachaça aren’t enough to save the drink. Tip: The mixologist should get rid of the Avèze. In this writer’s eyes, a good mescal need not be mixed — and shouldn’t be!


Mitcher’s Bourbon Whiskey, St. Germaine Elderflower, Lemon, “Blackberry Stew”

Report card grade: (B+) Aside from missing the obvious alliteration of calling it the “Blast” or “Bash” (because of the smashed fruit), this is the ultimate summer drink! Refreshing, cool, and lip-smacking good!


Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum, Bitter Truth Allspice Pimento Dram, Fresh Lemon & Lime Juice, Soda

Report card grade: (A) This drink breaks the internet bell curve and goes straight to the head of the class! It was my favorite for the complexity, subtle shifts in flavor, and diverse ingredients that don’t overwhelm.


Report card grade: (C-) My partner in crime, Alyson, said that sangrias were a miss. I only sampled the white variety which, while very fruit forward, failed to deliver the necessary “punch” from the wine. I’m going to chalk this up to a humid evening and a little too much extra melted ice.