Industry Kitchen Brings High Caliber Food to South Street Seaport

By Laysha Duran August 7, 2015 PDF Article Original Article Press

When deciding what restaurant to go to with friends I first look at the type of food they serve, the price, and the location. I am almost certain that when the owners sit down to look at all the factors that will attract clientele, they also take these factors into consideration. I have never been to a restaurant that is similar to Industry Kitchen, and that is a good thing because uniqueness attracts a lot of people. Attending the opening of the restaurant a few weeks ago was the best way to spend a weekday evening after work.

Let’s first talk about the location of the restaurant, because that is the first thing that caught my eye. Located on 70 South Street, at Maiden Lane, Industry Kitchen’s location is beautiful. Right near the South Street Seaport, this restaurant is nestled right in front of the East River and is just steps from the water’s edge. So for those summer days when you want to eat outside, you can look at the East River and get a glimpse of the Brooklyn Bridge and the gorgeous skyline. It is a very stunning view, especially in the late evening. Given that the grand opening was at 7pm, my guest and I had a chance to see the sun set while enjoying the delicious food and drinks being served. The restaurant is located at a perfect spot for tourists and New Yorkers alike who want to enjoy a nice meal while being reminded why New York City is the best center of the universe.

The staff at the restaurant left me feeling very well accommodated and comfortable. If you want customers that are happy you also need to have workers that can make them feel at home and at ease, and that is exactly how we felt while at the opening. There was one waitress by the name of Gloria, who went out of her way to make sure that my guest and I were enjoying ourselves and were well fed throughout the evening. Now that is outstanding service! The bartenders were fun, charming, and made killer drinks. With this type of service and the location, you would think that it couldn’t get any better. There must be something bad about this restaurant, but there wasn’t!

The variety and quality of food that is served at Industry Kitchen is of high caliber. There was not one dish that I disliked that night. By far, my favorite was the Spanish Artichoke and Creamy Ricotta Dips served with flatbread. The ricotta itself was savory and seasoned just right. The Salmon Tartar and the Grilled Eggplant Caviar were also cooked to perfection. You also can’t forget the best part: dessert! Naturally my favorite part of the meal did not leave me disappointed. The Homemade Cheesecake was creamy and succulent, as was the Apple Pie and Chocolate Mousse.

Industry Kitchen is open for business and if you have not visited this restaurant, then you need to make reservations right away. Executive Chef Marco Arnold has created a modern menu with fresh market ingredients that push simple dishes to the next level. The menu also includes a variety of amazing pizzas, and if you are a real New Yorker you definitely will not pass up on that.

To learn more about the restaurant or to make reservations you can visit their website. If you are planning an event, you can fill out a form on their website with the details of your events. You and your guests will not be disappointed with the location, food, and the service at Industry Kitchen.

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