Where To Eat At The South Street Seaport

By The Infatuarion September 28, 2015 PDF Article Original Article Press
Where To Eat At The South Street Seaport

There’s a good chance you haven’t been to the South Street Seaport since your mom visited town eight years ago. And that’s OK – we’re afraid of tourists too. But the Seaport has changed a lot over the past few years. The area was hit badly by Hurricane Sandy, leading to the closure of a ton of the neighborhood’s restaurants. But with time, a slew of new places have opened and the Seaport has become a surprisingly nice place to spend a Saturday afternoon – and one of the best places to drink outside while it’s still warm enough. There’s also an all-summer outpost of Smorgasburg, plenty of restaurants and bars, and even a bunch of surprisingly cool stores.

And with the recent announcement that Jean Georges will take over the Seaport’s famous Fulton Fish Market in 2017, the area’s only due to get better. Most of what you’ll find now isn’t going to win any awards, but there is at least one good place for all your basic needs should you find yourself in the area. And yes, we do consider tacos and lobster rolls to be basic needs.

Industry Kitchen

70 South St


Touristy? Most definitely. But if you want views of the water, the outdoor couches here are the best place to have a drink.