Actually Cool Things to Do When Someone Visits NYC, Sorted by Price

By CHRISTINE FISCHER January 5, 2016 PDF Article Original Article Press

We’ve all been there — your friends are coming into town and you have absolutely no clue what to do with them. So you start to panic, and suddenly you’re reconsidering everything, like what do people do in NYC in their free time? Do you have a good work/life balance?! Have you ever left your apartment ever, or do you just work and then go home and watch Netflix every day????

To make sure your guests have the best trip ever, and you stay calm, we’ve rounded up the activities you’ll actually want to do in NYC (and included price ranges, so you don’t go into debt trying to impress your girlfriend’s aunt’s therapist). Some are classic, some are off the beaten path, and absolutely none of them include Times Square.

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge Park
Yes, it’s crowded. But with solid dining options on either end (Industry Kitchen and The Dead Rabbit in Manhattan, Grimaldi’s and Juliana’s in BK), not to mention killer skyline views, this traditional tourist activity is actually worth revisiting.