This Pizza Costs Rs 136000: Here’s Everything That Goes Into Making it!

By December 23, 2016 PDF Article Original Article 24k Pizza, Press
This pizza costs Rs 136000: Here’s everything that goes into making it!

All other pizzas can go home- their Queen has arrived! New York’s Industry Kitchen is serving what is perhaps the most expensive pizza in the world.

If you were wondering what goes into making one of those Uber expensive meals that the super rich keep bragging about, you can stop wracking your brains because the answer is simpler than you’d imagine. Plating food with gold is an actual gourmet trend, with restaurants serving everything from cakes to popcorn, donuts and ice-creams covered in the shiny stuff. Now pizza has joined this cult of gold-covered food, with a New York eatery serving this most popular of all comfort food with 23 carat gold flakes.

The pizza- more like the Queen of all Pizzas- is available at New York’s Industry Kitchen and costs a whopping $2000 (Rs 1,36,000). The decadent dish is topped with some of the most expensive ingredients including  fantail prawns, Ossetra caviar, lobster, foie gras and white truffle oil. If we break that down, assuming that one pizza will have eight pieces, each piece costs $250. Assuming that you will finish one piece in five bites, each mouthful will cost you $50 (Rs 3390)!