Freaking Metal

By Chaostrophic February 7, 2017 PDF Article Original Article 24k Pizza, Press
Chaostrophic - Freaking Metal

Pizza may be Italian, but in America, that dough/sauce/cheese combo becomes a canvas for international works of culinary art. (Or at least decent finger paintings.) Pizzerias all across the 50 states are serving pies topped with crazy stuff, and some seem like mouthwatering menu items. Others are only for those who like to gloat about eating things most people don’t like. (Looking at you, durian.) Here’s a sampling of what’s out there for those of you who are totally over the classic cheese slice.

Literal 24K Gold Flakes
24K Pizza, Industry Kitchen


Industry Kitchen, a relatively new pizza place in a city filled with $1 slice connoisseurs, decided to really take that whole “artisan” pizza craze up a few notches when it started offering the $24k Pizza in November 2016. According to Industry Kitchen, it’s an ode to the Wall Street bankers in their FiDi location. The pie, which must be ordered two days in advance, has a squid ink dough that’s topped with stilton cheese, truffles, caviar, and peppered with 24k gold flakes. We’re not exactly sure what gold tastes like, but we can guess it tastes like missing your rent because you just dropped $2,000 on a pizza.