11 of the Most Outrageous Gold Foiled Food

By Spoon University April 27, 2017 PDF Article Original Article 24k Pizza, Press
11 of the Most Outrageous Gold Foiled Food

It’s no secret that gold food is a huge culinary trend right now. But, what happens after you consume all that glittery goodness? First off, the gold that you’re eating isn’t the same gold found in your jewelry. Edible gold has to be 22 to 24 karats, which is safe to consume. It’s most likely that the gold you eat won’t be digested, but will simply pass through you as waste. So, yes, you will, at some point, poop gold. Check out the list below to find out what outrageous dishes you can devour to make every part of you shine.


This pizza can be found in NYC at Industry Kitchen. Would you drop $2,000 to try this?