24k Gold Foods Bruno Mars Would Approve Of

By Spoon University April 26, 2017 PDF Article Original Article 24k Pizza, Press
24k Gold Foods Bruno Mars Would Approve Of

This past November, Bruno Mars released his third studio album 24k Magic. Mars captures the magic of living lavish and having “everything 24 karats” with his funky beats and catchy lyrics. There’s no denying everyone wants to live a luxurious life and Mars expresses this perfectly with this album. From “24k Magic”to “Versace on the Floor,” this album is pure gold.

But before Mars was singing about 24 karats, chefs were cooking with 24 karats to create lavish versions of everyday food. From ice cream sundaes to bagels, Bruno Mars would certainly approve of the 24k magic happening in the kitchen. You could be “dripping in finesse” by snacking on dishes with gold in them.

Industry Kitchen – The Faceza’ Pizza

I’m sure if Bruno Mars was having a pizza party, this is what he’d be serving. Industry Kitchen in New York City is located close to Wall Street, making it no surprise that the pizzeria drew inspiration from the financial world. At a whopping $2,000, their Fance’za’ pizza needs to be ordered 48 hours in advance so that the squid ink dough is ready. Then, the pizza is covered with Stilton cheese, 24k gold leaves, caviar, French truffles, and foie gras. I’m more of an extra cheese type of girl but I wouldn’t say no to a pizza with imported toppings, and I’m sure Bruno Mars wouldn’t wither.