The New York Post - Rainbow Pizza

Ask any millennial: If you go somewhere and don’t post a picture on social media, were you ever really there? Luckily, New York’s full of breathtaking art and mouth-watering treats, begging to be shared to your feed.

Here are the most Insta-worthy snaps in the city right now.

Rainbow pizza

In this post-Unicorn Frappuccino world, it’s the most colorful food that gets the most love on Instagram. But Industry Kitchen chef Braulio Bunay actually came up with the idea for this pizza when he saw a rainbow one day over the East River from his restaurant. Thus was born the Pop Candy Land Pizza ($18), which features a dyed dough covered with cream cheese, sprinkles, Pop Rocks and a mountain of cotton candy. Natalie Rowland, a 27-year-old nurse visiting from England, gave it a try. “It’s nothing like I’ve ever tasted before!” she says. 70 South St.; 212-487-9600,