You’re Going to Lose it Over Fluffy Pink Unicorn Pizza

By Cosmopolitan June 8, 2017 PDF Article Original Article Press, Unicorn Pizza
You’re Going to Lose it Over Fluffy Pink Unicorn Pizza

The best things in life are covered in sprinkles, cotton candy, and classify as Unicorn Food. You already know and love unicorn hot chocolate and unicorn cupcakes, but now, going where no Unicorn Food has gone before, is unicorn pizza.

It’s officially called Pop Candy Land Pizza, and it comes from Industry Kitchen, a restaurant in New York City. Made with rainbow dough, it’s covered in colorful vanilla icing, sprinkles, and Pop Rocks. Topping it all off is a giant pouf of pink and blue cotton candy and even more sprinkles and Pop Rocks because it’s Unicorn Food and why the hell not.

While it’s cut up into eight slices and looks like pizza, it tastes more like a giant sugar cookie.

The Pop Candy Land Pizza is one of Industry Kitchen’s newest creations, but they’re also known for their 24K pizza, which is covered in 23-karat gold flakes and costs $2,000.

The restaurant also make insane desserts like the Chocolate River and the Industry Pouf, which is a giant pastry covered in chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Unicorn freaking pizza. I think we’ve hit peak magical food.