This 2000 Dollar Gold Pizza is what Uncle Scrooge’s Dreams are Made of

By Reacho July 21, 2017 PDF Article Original Article 24k Pizza, Press, Video
Reacho - This 2000 Dollar Gold Pizza is what Uncle Scrooge's Dreams are Made of

Gold, foie gras, truffles, Stilton cheese and black squid ink go into making this pizza outrageously extravagant.

here is no limit to how creative, or how extravagant, one can get with food.

And while we lesser mortals call a dish when we top it with an extra dollop of butter, a restaurant in New York City serves pizza that is topped with gold.

The Industry Kitchen is known for its $2,000 24K Pizza, which is basically luxury served on a pan.

The crust of the pizza is infused with black squid ink – which is an ingredient you peasants won’t understand.

On top of it goes white Stilton cheese – a famous British cheese which gives you groovy dreams

There’s the ridiculously expensive foie gras – liver of a fattened duck – from France.

Truffles, which I’m too poor to appreciate…

Caviar from the Caspian Sea, the goopy stuff which you’ll only ever see in movies…

And the star of the show, 24-karat gold sheets, and gold flakes.

Gold Flakes. Let that sink in.